I need some crazy laughin’ ya see?

I don’t know, it could be because I have not yet adjusted suitably to my new routine, staying up most of the night and sleeping through the day. I love sunlight, and who wouldn’t during winters? I’d rather personally welcome the sun every day than wake up to see it already high up in the sky, in all its winter glory, forgetting to include me in its’ rays gambolling play. Obviously, the sun cannot gambol, try as it might.

sleep deprived..

It could be because of the very limited social contact I have these days, which if I do think, I had anticipated, but had not really done much about. I am just so used to being outdoors, and for a person like me too much of indoor air can make me screw up into a tight ball, making me unwilling to peek out, having established myself in an elaborate comfort zone where the dress code is pyjamas and sweater.

need some smiles..


It happens to most of us.

Plus a big reason that adds to all the general messiness is usually a little something that has been bugging you for a while now, and what you’ve been stoically preventing yourself from acknowledging to your daily self. It nudges at you from the shadows, whispers to you from the silent-except-for-birds-chirping air around you, tugs at your heart sleeves through an innocuous line someone just said to you in passing.

You still will give it what it deserves. Should, in fact. 


Deal with it. Move on to what you deserve. That is the only way. Its called growth you see?




Encased in stardust

A facade may be all that you see of me


The laughter beneath that smile

the suppressed exuberance..

The plea beneath the apology

the subdued prayers..

Un-think me

Un-weave me

I exist nevertheless



And now I have discovered

a winter that was warm and sunny

a year that seemed like a lifetime

what it feels like to walk in a dream-like haze

how we all are adorable packages of mistakes, slightly creased and hugely precious

how it’s like to finally be able to fall in love with myself 

For even though our stories, yours and mine, may diverge to enter new and more exciting chapters

our chapter will lie in my heart undisturbed,

encased in mellow stardust






Daurala ki sardi..

Daurala ki sardi..

The front garden of my uncle and aunt’s place in western Uttar Pradesh, India, lit by the soothing and much welcome November winter sun. My first visit there and as a family our first long drive out of the main city ever.